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Here is a growing list of what some of my clients have to say...


Megan was my regular personal trainer at Fitness Together for 7 months until she left.  I was originally working out 2x/week with a different trainer and would get paired with her when I needed to reschedule.  When I started working with her, I was dealing with plantar fasciitis as well as chronic low back pain.  What I realized with those sessions is that she used her extensive knowledge of anatomy to target specific muscle groups while ensuring the exercise wasn't causing pain to my injured areas.  If the exercise didn't work (i.e. cause pain), she would immediately stop, re-assess, and adjust the exercise to still target the muscles she was after without causing pain.  I had always thought that weight training was about lifting heavy weights.  I was amazed at how good of a work out I could get with less weight, but focusing on form and breathing.  She offered different visualizations along with demonstrations to help me understand not only how the exercise should be performed, but how it should feel.  She would assess my form and explain the alignment issues she would see and why and how it should be corrected.  Because of all this, I ended up switching my training schedule so that I could meet with her on a weekly basis. While my back pain is something that I live with, she has taught me techniques to protect it and I am way more cognizant about my form in performing exercises and even going about my daily life.  "What should my pelvis do?" is the catchphrase that has stuck with me.


Kathy Amadio


Megan Jones was my Personal Trainer for over a year and I can truly say she had a most beneficial effect in my life....while working with her, we uncovered imbalances and compensations that had been going on in my body for 70+ years. (I'm 80 y.o.) At this age these imbalances were causing pain and difficulties in movement. Through working with Megan, I was able to reestablish proper alignment, and relief from pain came soon after. In my opinion, Megan has a real gift for seeing and understanding the proper alignment in the body. She knows what muscles are working and which ones are not as she watches you move, and how to enlist the weaker ones. Its really quite phenomenal how perceptive she is. She is the best trainer/therapist/healer I have ever worked with, and over the years I have worked with many, and some of the best....I appreciate and am grateful to have worked with Megan.

Adalou Keown


Megan Jones has a special gift when it comes to human anatomy and exercise. She helps her clients visualize the moves and then patiently work them through step by step until they get it.
At sessions she is focused and is very aware of the individual needs of each client. In my particular case, she came up with a specific program to maximize our workouts despite my chronic shoulder issues. And she had the expertise to initiate specific stretches after our sessions reducing negative effects.
She is very gentle and intuitive. An exceptional young woman!

Joan Wallace


As a current client of Megan Jones I am writing to assure you that Megan is absolutely the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. I workout with Megan regularly to maintain my weight, conditioning and overall fitness level, but I truly feel that whether you are bulking up or slimming down, trying to improve your health or just improve your strength, Megan has the background, personality and the commitment to help you succeed. She quietly yet persistently motivates you to do better.

I first began training with Megan in November of 2013 and I credit Megan with being the major reason that I have improved my overall conditioning within this relatively short 1 year period of time. As a 40-something, I feel that working out is critical and I have not gotten results like these from any other trainer. I believe this is because Megan not only understands the science of personal training, the muscular and skeletal systems but also truly understands and anticipates your personal needs. She always tries to choose and improve on an exercise based on what is best for me, in the moment. She closely monitors posture and form and I am amazed that as I tend to slip into poor form, she continually gets me back on track and can easily switch to a different exercise to achieve the best results.

No matter what your fitness goals, I am certain that Megan will be more than able to help you get there. Please know that I give her my highest ratings, and will happily continue to train with her myself and recommend her without hesitation.

Katheryn Morgan

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