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What makes MJPT different?

There are any number of personal trainers out there. What makes me stand out is this:


1. My experience.

Since I became certified through the American College of Sports Medicine in 2002, I have been actively engaged in the Fitness and Physical Therapy industry throughout Seattle and Bellevue. My careful attention to each client's movement ensures that as I build an exercise program for you, it is based on what your body needs. You will learn proper technique so we minimize the risk of injury and you can continue training for your goals.

Throughout my career I have designed programs and taught exercise to many different kinds of people. My clients have ranged from people having special considerations that include chronic injuries, osteoporosis, EDS, Parkinsons, diabetes, etc. As well as the other end of the spectrum- athletes that want to learn exercises that will keep them strong for their sport. I try to design well rounded programs that not only focus on muscles, but on movement patterns. 


Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Exercise Physiologist (EP-c)

Stott Pilates, Certified Mat Instructor

Level 2 TRX Qualified Teacher Suspension Training

Certified KinesioTaping Technician

2. My training style

My goal is to teach you proper movement technique during exercise so that you can enjoy all the benefits that exercise can bring to you and your health. If you are interested in changing your perspective about your body, recognizing and reducing muscle imbalances, and learning strategies for core control, I believe we would be a good fit.

3. NO membership costs.

My gym is located inside of a physical therapy clinic that is great for functional training and weight training.


4. Flexibility in sessions.

Online options available.


5. Sincerity.

I really enjoy my job! I am fully stoked to train people! I think that I have a knack for tuning in to what people need. I train each person as the individual that they are. There is no one size fits all fitness program. Even my group classes are organized with a limited number of people, so that I continue to provide each of you the personalized service you deserve.



About Megan

Throughout my youth I played many sports a little bit thanks to my wonderful Mom. Many of my

formative years were spent in Tae Kwon Doe and I credit this to have helped me build a solid base of discipline and strength. Playing music was also an important element. After I moved to Seattle and began to really weight train, I took classes to make sure I was doing things right. As it turned out, the material just stuck in my head. Ever since then, I have continued to avidly soak up as much information about movement as I can. I was drawn to Physical Therapy early on in my career because I wanted to learn more about how the body works as a whole and how to program exercise routines for other people, not just myself.

All of my years of personal exercise and training of others has afforded me the chance to continue to evolve my practice. I understand the importance of harmony and balance, centering, movement technique, and the internal strength required to start a new path.


Feel better

When we begin to challenge ourselves through movement, our lives change. We not only sit in our body better, we move easier in daily life. We change the relationship between our body, mind and spirit. This momentum begins to express itself externally as well, in relationships, work, sleep.

Whatever your goals are, they require thought and dedication, sometimes motivation. Let me help you build a plan for success. I am eager to usher you on your journey to being a healthier, happier You.

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