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Personal Fitness Training

Whether you've been working on an exercise routine for decades or you're just starting one, an experienced Personal Trainer can work for you. After establishing goals together, I will direct you to exercises that will help me to identify your body's target areas for improvement. We then work toward creating proper technique that results in both enhanced performance in your sports, and increased energy every day of your life.




Sessions are $88/hour and by appointment only. Currently there are limited sessions available.

One on one care or partner training. I will choose exercises that promote muscle balance, strength, and create positive movement patterns. We will focus on establishing the core connection during ALL movements, not just during crunches. Core strength includes the ability to breathe well, to hold body alignment during activity, and to let go of tension where it is not needed.
Online Fitness Class

Train anywhere you have an internet connection! I can help you to figure out a routine for equipment you have at home.

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