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Goal Setting

Imagine all the time we have spent on meaningless things. Now can you imagine putting that time into yourself instead? The last time you made a big decision maybe you brainstormed a list of pros and cons, maybe you created an outline. Let's take that time focusing on your health. The following questions are things to take your time with and really think about. This is not necessarily something that needs to be shared, but talking with someone you trust can help make sense of things. In this world we don't always take the time we need to formulate a plan for fitness or our health, but it make a lot of difference when we see the purpose. This is also a way to get to know yourself a little better.

First, create a goal. Ideally, this is something measurable so that you can monitor your progress. Also it should be something realistic. Breaking a big goal into more manageable parts can be easier to digest. Start simple with goals that are easy to achieve. This can improve your confidence and make your goal more attainable, also make things more fun along the way.

Second, decide why your goal is important to you. Have a reason (or two or three) to hold in your mind to help you get through tougher times. Take time to really think about this.

Third, what are some potential obstacles you may encounter? If you have tried this goal before and didn't make it, what stopped you?

Fourth, tied in with the previous step, what are some possible solutions for these potential obstacles? This step takes a lot of imagination. Knowing what to do when we have a crisis decreases the stress around it and will help you move on faster.

Fifth, where can I get support? This can include online communities, family, friends, professionals. Even books or places can help if you are feeling you need some assistance.

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